Large Format Digital Screen - Above Main Travelator
This Large Format Digital Screen is located above the main travelator, overlooking the main atrium.

You can benefit from all the flexibility it offers: change of message, full motion video, static visuals, interaction with the screen, event creation and special promotions.

You can book your campaign:
  • For 1 day: to cover an event or a promotion.
  • For 1 week: to maximize exposure at the same time as your 4x3 billboards roadside campaign.
  • For 2 weeks: to generate higher repetition inside the mall.
  • For 1 month: to have an extensive and imposing presence.
This LED screen is made by Dacktronics in the US, they deliver a very high quality thanks to a unique resolution of 6 mm pixel pitch.

According to international standards, the screen displays 8 advertisers maximum with 10 seconds each, displaying your message every 70 seconds. You can change as many visuals or messages as you want up to 6 per day, or display several products within one single booking order.
Main atrium - above the main travelator
Spot Length
10 seconds
Nb. of Clients
8 maximum
Loop Duration
80 seconds
Screen Size
w:8.9 x h:2.2 m