City Mall Channel
City Mall Channel consists of nineteen 75” LCD Digital Screens placed within City Mall, and at eye-level.

These high-definition screens stimulate consumer's engagement to the highest through smartphones and direct interactions with the screens. They also deliver a face-to-face connection with consumers during their shopping experience and at the point of purchase.

Advertisers at City Mall are now empowered in the creation and delivery of relevant content and contextual advertisements through 3 groundbreaking innovations:  

  • Facial Recognition - we’re pioneering this technology in DOOH through the installation of a camera on each Pikasso 75” digital screen. This enables your campaign to be attractive to a more accurate target segment. 
  • Beacons - enhancing the shopping experience, this feature delivers information, product recommendations and incentives directly the smartphones driving visitors to the store.
  • Touch Screens - incorporated on each 75” digital screen, this allows direct and immediate interaction with visitors allowing them to be immersed by an unconventional advertising method.  
Pikasso Digital Out-of-Home enables advertisers to engage this valuable consumer audience through creative opportunities, and offers innovative ways to showcase your brand at the right place and at the right time.
Nb. of Networks
Screen Size
75 inches
Spot Length
10 seconds
Loop Duration
60 seconds
Nb. of Clients
6 maximum