Large Format Digital Screen - Carrefour & Banks

This Large Format Digital Screen is located on the Ground Floor level, a strategic and high traffic area. The screen is opposite the travelator leading from the Banks and Services floor, where 15 banks are located, to the main entrance of Carrefour.

It reaches all visitors entering City Mall, coming from the three parking levels, as well as those walking from Carrefour  towards the central atrium and to the Banks and Services floor. towards the central atrium.

The new screen offers dynamic opportunities to showcase your campaign and to interact directly with your audience in the retail active space. As digital means also flexibility, brands are set to benefit from full motion, live transmission, multi-visual possibilities, event creation and special promotions.

This digital expansion complements the two other Large Format Digital screens overseeing the main atrium of City Mall. They are all made by Daktronics in the US, delivering a very high quality thanks to a unique resolution of 6 mm pixel pitch. The screen displays 8 advertisers maximum with 10 seconds each, displaying your message every 70 seconds.

Ground Floor - opposite travelator
Spot Length
10 seconds
Nb. of Clients
8 maximum
Loop Duration
80 seconds
Screen Size
W: 3.9 m x H: 2.32 m