Social Responsibility Engagements

Our Ethical Standards

The ethics of business are at the core of all our decisions.

  • Respect and Engagement to our employees

We continuously strive to ensure that all our employees are treated fairly and equally regardless of nationality, color, race, religion, gender, or any other status, given that we are all equally entitled to our human rights without discrimination.

  •  Positive Social Impact 

We take decisions wisely when considering and accepting requested campaigns. All campaigns are filtered and can be refused if a message has a negative connotation, is against children’s welfare, exceeds reasonable promotion and awareness or sends a wrong message to the public.

For example, in countries where alcoholic beverages are allowed, we do not promote such campaigns across our University Network, taking into consideration the education and well-being of students, due to the impact of the advertising message that may be conveyed.

  •  Respect for the Community

When taking decisions whilst selecting a prime location for the installation of new LED screens, the first thing we always consider is the residential area and the potential for negative impact of the LED lights on the people in the surrounding buildings.

We respect and consider the wellbeing of our community, therefore the locations of our LED screens have been strategically placed in an appropriate manner, and a specific schedule is set for each screen regarding its hours of operation at night.

We abide by ethical rules as defined by FEPE International and the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA) which are also respected by the world’s other leading Out-of-Home companies. These rules prohibit the screening of full motion videos, which might be a danger to citizens while driving and impact negatively on the media’s role in promoting road safety. This is a major requirement, and one followed by Pikasso through the use of screens with static mode / subtle motion, a form of “short animation”.