Beirut Digital Constellation®

The Beirut Digital Constellation® is distinguished from all others by its unique design: a black frame surrounding the screen, in addition to an elegant yellow iconic bar at the bottom of the housing which reflects Pikasso’s identity. Housing design and dimensions have been carefully studied by architects and engineers in the US to reduce the bulky shape of the LED modules, and they now appear light and uniform.

The Digital screens are also equipped with a digital time and temperature device integrated in the yellow iconic bar to provide a useful information but most importantly to support contextually relevant activations. 

LED screens of the BDC Network are located in prestigious and very strategic locations in the heart of Beirut City.


2m2 Backlit - ABC Mall

The state of the art wall mounted 2m2 Backlit Signs have been designed exclusively for ABC Mall Achrafieh by Wladimir Wauquiez to complement the architecture and environment of the mall.

The custom made design of the Backlits recalls the displays of luxury items of department stores and is made of a stainless mirrored-finish frame that creates the panel thickness and an elegant bluish-white frame around the visual.

Scroller 8m2

The 8m2 Scrollers panels are installed in prestigious locations inside Algiers, Constantine and Dakar. 

These scrollers are very imposing panels. Visuals are protected by glass and are backlit as if they are located in a store window.

The panels were specially designed for Pikasso by the French architect Wladimir Wauquiez and are notable for their pure and sober lines. For this reason they perfectly complement the diversified architectural fabric of their host cities

Mountain Heights

Mountain Heights panels are installed on the main roads leading to ski resorts in Kfardebian, Faraya, Faqra, Ouyoun el Siman and the Cedars that become in the summer very sought after and posh destinations for long weekends and vanish barbecues and parties. 

These panels were especially designed by Wladimir Wauquiez for Pikasso a renowned French architect, to fit with the high mountain environment: with an aesthetic foot, similar to a tree trunk shape made of wood.

Panels are also equipped with a digital time and temperature device providing useful information particularly in the winter. 

2m2 Backlit - The Boulevard

The Boulevard is the pedestrian spine of 300 meters long acting as the center of the new business district of Amman. 
It is borded by two lines of buildings that welcomes hotels.
It is one of Amman prime destination.

The Boulevard freestanding 2m2 Backlit Scrollers have been especially designed by the renowned architect Wladimir Wauquiez to complement the exclusive architecture of the Spine in The Boulevard. 


LCD Totems - Abdali Mall

Gensler, an international architectural consultant headquartered in the USA, designed the LCD housings to fit the curvilinear architecture of Abdali Mall. Units are manufactured using powder-coated mild steel.

The screens represent an unprecedented quantum leap forward in Digital OOH advertising delivering relevant content and contextual advertisements