ABC Verdun Channel

The ABC Verdun Channel consists of seventeen 75” LCD screens located on all levels of the mall in the main alleys, next to the escalators or elevators, thus ensuring an exposure to each visitor and high repetition of your message.

All the screens are equipped with a camera for Facial Recognition, interactive mTag for the Mobile Bridge. Moreover, there are five Touchscreens, one on each floor, with enough space for animation in front of the screens. All these features constitute powerful tools to create engagement with any selected audience, or to broadcast real time or contextually relevant messages triggered by time, day, demographics and location.

The duration of the spot is 10 seconds. There is a maximum capacity of 6 spots per loop to ensure high repetition and memorization. You can have up to 4 different full-motion videos or images for the same campaign without any additional media cost.

Nb. of Screens
Screen Size
75 inches
Spot Length
10 seconds
Loop Duration
60 seconds
Nb. of Clients
6 maximum
LG - GF - L1 - L2 - L3 - L4