Pikasso and CITYMALL have signed an agreement whereby Pikasso is the exclusive advertising concessionaire inside CITYMALL.
This includes the 3 levels of CITYMALL, the food court and the car park

CITYMALL is the largest mall of Lebanon: More than 220 stores of main brands and retailers, more than 30 coffee shops and restaurants, a food court, entertainment centre, the CINEMACITY with 9 movie theatres,  the TSC hypermarket and the BHV department stores.

CITYMALL has been selected by Pikasso for our launching in Mall Advertising, which is one of the media planners and advertisers preferred type of outdoor advertising, thanks to the quality of contact between their brands and the relaxed and receptive customers. 

Conceiving efficient and easy to use networks is Pikasso’s specialty: inside CITYMALL, we guarantee that our networks offer 100% coverage of visitors thanks to a well balanced distribution and evenly spread sites. The message is repeated often enough around the venue to ensure recall frequency.

Advertisers can select between a multitude of innovative displays to billpost their campaigns inside CITYMALL and to engage with their consumers!