ABC Achrafieh
Established in 1936 with its first location at Bab Idriss, ABC was the first department store to open its doors in the Middle East. In 2003, ABC Achrafieh Mall welcomed its first customers.

Located at the heart of Achrafieh, the ABC Mall is an extension of Sassine Square. Not only is ABC Achrafieh a prestigious commercial center that features internationally renowned brands, but it is also a meeting place for the younger generations, cinema-goers and those seeking the ease and variety found within the food courts. Among its frequent visitors, the ABC Achrafieh counts a vast number of city-dwellers for whom the mall acts as a reference point in matters of leisure and business alike. Finally, the mall is a beacon for the expatriates and tourists from the GCC who consider ABC MALL as the premier shopping destination.
The catchment area of ABC Achrafieh counts a population of approximately 1,020,000.

In addition to offering an unparalleled shopping experience, ABC visitors can enjoy a movie complex with 8 state of the art movie theatres and for those seeking the very best of audiovisual experiences, the mall offers its digital cinema as a portal into the 3D world. ABC’s 850m2 playground, I-play, offers children a unique experience combining fun and excitement. Parents are given the possibility of customizing events, such as their children's birthdays, by choosing from a wide variety of shows, characters, animations and food menus.

The mall attracts some 11 million visitors per year for shopping, leisure or simply to spend a good time with their family or friends. 

and ABC Group have signed an agreement whereby Pikasso is the exclusive advertising concessionaire inside ABC Achrafieh Mall. For ABC Mall Achrafieh, the contract includes all the access lobbies, from Basement 3 to Level 3, including the car parks.