Highway Digital Network®

The Highway Digital Network® covers the major highway of Lebanon from Saifi to Antelias, and comprises the 5 most prime, popular and requested Digital Large Format locations of Pikasso.

The LED screens are located as follows:

  1. EU Embassy: 14x4
  2. Forum de Beyrouth: 14x8
  3. Mike Sport - Zalka: 10x12
  4. Lada - Jal El Dib: 14x4
  5. Zouk Mikhael: 14x8

Pikasso is constantly committed to delivering the highest efficiency and displays a maximum of 6 clients for 8 seconds each.


Nb. of Screens
Spot Length
8 seconds
Loop Duration
48 seconds
Nb. of Clients
6 maximum
Rate Card/1 Month
USD 26,500 +10% VAT
Rate Card/1 Week
USD 10,600 +10% VAT
Rate Card/2 Weeks
USD 15,900 +10% VAT
Rate Card/3 Weeks
USD 21,200 +10% VAT
Rate Card/1 Day
USD 2,700 +10% VAT