Canal 8® Network
The Canal 8® Network consists of 10 high resolution screens located in Beirut City and throughout the highway between Beirut and Jounieh. These prime locations provide comprehensive coverage through their use of extra large formats to make sure your message is seen by all.
The LED screens are located as follows: 
  • Beirut City: Zuhair Murad – Ets. Dagher – Ring Downtown – Cola Bridge Exit – Cola Bridge Entrance – City Centre (Hazmieh)
  • Highway: Dora (x2) – Nahr El Kalb 
  • Choueifat: The Spot Choueifat 

Each location is equipped with a dedicated generator operated by Pikasso to guarantee a constant power supply. Pikasso is constantly committed to delivering the highest efficiency and displays a maximum of 6 ads for 8 seconds each. The 10 screens of the Canal 8® Network can be booked all together or individually, unit by unit, picking up one or more location.

Advertisers can create innovative and dynamic campaigns:
  • Subtle motion
  • Ownership
  • Multi-visual
  • Single day 
Subtle Motion
Pikasso accepts subtle motion, which means that an ad can be animated as long as it is not a story telling, with consecutive screens that distract a driver from looking at the road. Full motion, blinking, and flashing ads will not be aired, safety being our first concern. This is in conformity with the legal framework (Law Nº 1302 - 15 January 2015) that allows animation on LED screens.

Make your advertising an event through ownership. Buy all 6 spots of your favorite large format digital location, and become its sole owner. Benefit from the flexibility that Digital Out-of-Home offers, and create a campaign of up to 6 different visuals to deliver a creative and compelling brand message. We also accept multibrand visuals. Ownership delivers unprecedented audience exclusivity. It’s an opportunity to own the area and to influence the audience passing through that particular site.
Nb. of Screens
Spot Length
8 seconds
Loop Duration
48 seconds
Nb. of Clients
6 maximum