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Pikasso d'Or Makes the Directory Big Won Report
18 January 2017
We are glad to inform you that the Pikasso d’Or results will be, as of this year, included in the Directory Big Won Report, one of the leading worldwide creative ranking systems.

The Directory Big Won Report is an annual survey of the best agencies and the best campaigns of the year, as measured by the quantity and quality of awards won. The winners from at least 40 award shows around the world are entered into a database. Points are allocated according to the nature of the award won, with more points for Gold, Silver or Bronze.

In addition, more points are allocated to winners of global award shows such as Cannes Lions than winners of local shows. On average, around 12,000 awards are registered in the database each year. From the data can be extrapolated the world rankings of the past year’s top countries for creativity; top holding companies; top networks; top agencies; top creative directors; top writers, top art directors and top designers. Rankings are produced by media channel – Design, Direct, Digital, Film, Outdoor, Print, PR, Radio etc. – as well as by country.

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We are very proud that the Pikasso d'Or has achieved this international recognition after 23 years of honoring creative excellence in Lebanese out-of-home advertising. It's an endorsement of the professionalism of the Pikasso jury and will give the winners greater worldwide exposure. It will also allow the Directory Big Won Report to extend its coverage of creativity in markets it did not previously cover in such depth." Andrew Rawlins | Secretary General of the Pikasso d’Or.

About Pikasso D'Or:
The Pikasso d’Or Awards is a competition that showcases the best work in Out-of-Home advertising and creativity. Embodying creative excellence and producing breakthrough work in the advertising industry, the honorees are celebrated during the an annual Pikasso d’Or Awards Ceremony in each country. This year and for the first time we are launching the Awards in Tunisia and Mali. Each competition is open to entries that have been created and produced by advertising agencies operating within the country in question.