The Main Entrance of Beirut City Becomes a Digital Avenue
31 May 2016
Pikasso Lebanon has installed 2 new digital screens on the Charles Helou Avenue heading to Beirut City – bringing to 3 the number of Digital Large Format screens we now have positioned along this key access route at the north entrance of Beirut.

The new screens are located at Ets Dagher and Zuhair Murad, and together with our previously existing digital screen at EU Embassy, enable your brand to dominate this high volume and densely trafficked highway. They each deliver long exposure to an audience travelling along a primary gateway to Beirut.

Our digital screens can be booked individually, or choose to combine all three and deliver the most comprehensive exposure for your brands. Campaigns can be synchronized appearing at the same time for added impact and total area domination.
  • Zuhair Murad 14 x 4m
  • Ets Dagher 10 x 4m
  • EU Embassy 14 x 4m
Pikasso Digital accept up to 6 clients and displays each for 8 seconds, the loop being of a maximum of 48 seconds with your ad displayed every 40 seconds.