Pikasso Launches Beirut Digital Constellation® 3
02 November 2017
Pikasso continues to digitize its inventory with the launch of Beirut Digital Constellation® 3, a network of fifteen 4x3 LED screens implanted in the key districts of the Lebanese capital.  

Beirut Digital Constellation® 3’s strength resides in its selection of top notch locations across Beirut, replacing the Beirut Backlits.

The addition of a third Beirut Digital Constellation® Network contributes to the power of Beirut Digital Constellation® and Beirut Digital Constellation® 2; which when used together, guarantee brands an unprecedented digital outspread in Beirut City

The 45 screens consequently serve as an ideal platform to reach, engage and impact millions of people a day. Advertisers are then able to create contextually relevant messages, triggered by the location, the weather, the time and the temperature, to successfully target their audience, at the right place and at the right time. 

With 45 digital 4x3 billboards within the capital, Pikasso offers a total digital domination of the City.