Large Format Digital Screen Food Center
The Large Format Digital Screen is located right in the Food Center and offers a long exposure and repetition.

The ability to adapt your message at any time of the day with several visuals gives your brand an edge. Full-motion animated ads allow your brands message to be conveyed in a creative and imaginative way to capture the shoppers attention.
1st floor
Spot Length
10 seconds
Nb. of Clients
8 maximum
Loop Duration
80 seconds
Screen Size
w:5 x h:3.5m
Rate Card/1 Day
DZD 20 000 excl. Taxes
Rate Card/1 Week
DZD 90 000 excl. Taxes
Rate Card/2 Weeks
DZD 145 000 excl. Taxes
Rate Card/1 Month
DZD 250 000 excl. Taxes
Rate Card/1 Year
DZD 2 500 000 excl. Taxes