#SendingLove Campaign
09 Juin 2020
We are happy to inform you that we are participating to the global #SendingLove Campaign.
The world biggest UGC Digital OOH Campaign!

Pikasso Lebanon, Jordan, Ivory Coast and Armenia joined the initiative by allocating digital screens to spread love.

The campaign is running across 45 countries and 160 cities developed by Grand Visual, Talon Outdoor and the WOO (World Out of Home Organization).
They developed a creative concept that brings unity in the global community's fight against the effects of COVID-19 together.

#SendingLove for those in places we can’t travel to showing them that the world is with them in the fight.
It is a call to action that encourages people to get creative with their submissions, turning everyday people into the stars of the campaign.

About Grand Visual: Creative Company providing services for Digital OOH
About Talon Outdoor: Independent Out-of-Home Specialist