OOH During Social Distancing - Back To Business
22 Juin 2020
Now that most businesses have opened their doors and resumed their activity with the appropriate New Normal safety measures, the roads of Lebanon have been flooded again by cars of commuters heading to work, spending time with friends and family, going to restaurants, to the beach and mountains, to participate to outdoor leisure and sports activities or shoppers heading to the Malls that reopened their doors.

Emerging from our confinement with an acute and generalized screen fatigue due to the over-consumption of Netflix, social, mobile and online, people are eagerly looking forward to being able to get out and about enjoying their dynamic lives which is matched by renewed attention to OOH.

Under this New Normal, Out-of-Home is again the trusted Mass Media par excellence. 

During this phase, Businesses can rely on OOH to communicate their special offers and online companies can sustain their growth with OOH support well beyond Covid-19 period.

Now is the time for brands and services to cheer Lebanese after the long lockdown and to promote a #LifeBackToNormal tonality that will give people the desire of embracing life again.

Beach and Outdoor areas Mobility trend is up 74% versus Baseline in Mount Lebanon Governorate and increased by 24 percentage points vs Previous Week (Google Mobility Trend Report June 14th 2020).