Nouveau Rooftop dans Batroun Souk
18 Juillet 2019

We are pleased to inform you of a new opportunity in a hotspot of the Lebanese summer movida: Batroun.

A new 8x4m Rooftop has just been installed in Batroun Souk overlooking the central and main street.

Just a few kilometers north of Jbeil, Batroun is one of the most popular destinations on the coast. It is considered a hub for the youth with its vibrant nightlife that includes many restaurants, pubs and nightclubs.
Batroun also counts many cafés, shops and bank branches, making it a dynamic town during the day, and an ideal destination for family gatherings and promenades.

Being a touristic attraction in the summer season, Batroun invites locals and tourists alike to enjoy its delicious fish restaurants and famous lemonade, its major beach resorts and its festivities such as the Batroun International Festival.


As a tribute to the heritage of Batroun, which was once a prominent Phoenician coastal town, we have displayed our logo in the Phoenician alphabet and added a decor that recalls the quintessential arches of the typical ancient Lebanese houses.