Beirut Digital Constellation® 1,2,3

The Beirut Digital Constellation® 1,2,3 networks are composed of 15 screens each that cover Beirut City’s high-end streets and districts.

Each screen displays a loop of 6 visuals of 8 seconds each. 

Advertisers can create contextually relevant campaigns that can be triggered by:
  • Location
  • Weather 
  • Time of day
  • Special days
  • Multiple messages
  • Real time
  • Promotions
  • subtle motion

Locations based campaign:
A location based campaign means that you target consumers when they are in the vicinity of your point of sale whether:

  • in your catchment area
  • on the axes leading to you
  • in the districts where your clients reside or work

With Beirut Digital Constellation® you can reach your consumers right where they are with especially geo-targeted selected digital screens around locations.

Weather activated campaign:
State-of-the-art screens and smart technology combine to deliver creativity in a specific environmental context. Weather activated campaigns deliver the opportunity to trigger your message in real time, when consumers are most responsive to your product, in a specific situation related to the temperature and weather. The campaign appears once the desired temperature or weather conditions are reached locally. 
According to a study commissioned by FEPE (Always On: Out of Home Lives 2014), real time campaigns deliver high added value: “59% of urban consumers would be interested in Digital Out of Home advertising that showed information relevant to time of day/their location”.

As a further advantage, the custom design of the yellow bar under the Beirut Digital Constellation® screens includes a clock and a thermometer, offering relevance to any time segment or weather activated campaign.

Time segment campaign:

The cutting-edge technology used on the LED screens enables unlimited flexibility and instant broadcast of your campaign.
The Beirut Digital Constellation® network offers the opportunity to display your campaign at the period of the day that most covers your specific audience:

  • Morning (6:30am - 11am): students and office employees
  • Noon (11am - 3pm): business target and women
  • Afternoon (3pm - 7pm): students and very high traffic
  • Evening (7pm - 1am): A+ and young

Special days campaign:
Consumption patterns, free time and ability to respond to a call to action are directly linked to each different day of the week. Benefit from the flexibility on our screens to adapt your message according to consumers’ habits.

Multiple messages campaign:
Further engage the consumer by using different visuals for the same campaign, without any additional production cost.

Real time campaign:
People spend the biggest part of their day out of home. Live broadcast allows brands to build their presence within their daily lives. Build a dialogue and engage with your audience in real-life and real-time.
Real time data can be used for smart scheduling, based on weather or daypart, while anticipation can be built for launches and events with live countdowns and reporting.

Promotions campaign:
Trigger the purchase order / a call to action with a special promotion.

Subtle Motion campaign:
Subtle motion, as defined in our industry, means that an ad can be animated as long as it is not telling a story, or with consecutive screens that distract a driver from his responsibilities the road. It adds subtle movement to elements of the creative. This complies with the legal framework (Law Nº 1302 - 15 January 2015) that allows animation on LED screens in Lebanon.

Nb. of Screens
Nb. of Networks
BDC 1,2,3
Screen Size
w:4m x h:3m
Spot Length
8 seconds
Loop Duration
48 seconds
Nb. of Clients
6 maximum