Pikasso Launches the Highway Digital Network
28 November 2017

We are delighted to inform you of the launching of the Highway Digital Network covering the major highway of Lebanon from Saifi to Zoul Mikhael, and comprising the 6 most prime, popular and requested Digital Large Format locations of Pikasso:
1. EU Embassy: 14x4
2. Port of Beirut: 14x4
3. Forum de Beyrouth: 14x8
4. Mike Sport - Zalka:  10x12
5. Lada - Jal el Dib: 14x4
6. Zouk Mikhael: 14x8

This network will ensure a massive effect on the nearly one million daily commuters on the highway. In addition, high repetition is guaranteed as we only display a maximum of 6 messages per screen.

This network is ideal when combined with either the Canal 8® Network or the Beirut Digital Network.