Park Mall Channel
Park Mall Channel is a network of 12 LCD digital screens of 55 inches, covering all floors of the mall as well as the Food Court.

The spots have a duration of 10 second, the loop having a maximum of 6 clients.

The Park Mall Channel network offers endless creative possibilities in addition to the mobile bridge.
Nb. of Screens
Nb. of Networks
Screen Size
55 inches
Basement, Bowling, GF, 1st floor, Food Court and Leisure
Spot Length
10 seconds
Nb. of Clients
6 maximum
Loop Duration
60 seconds
Rate Card/1 Day
DZD 23 760 excl. Taxes
Rate Card/1 Week
DZD 118 800 excl. Taxes
Rate Card/2 Weeks
DZD 229 680
Rate Card/1 Month
DZD 396 000 excl. Taxes
Rate Card/1 Year
DZD 4 356 000 excl. Taxes