Billboard 8m2 Parking

The 8m2 Billboards are located in the parking and at the entrance.

The 8m2 Billboards offer maximum exposure since the vehicles run slowly. The repetition is high.

All the panels are lit.

Parking entrance, Basement 2
Nb. of Faces
6 sold per unit
w:3.2 x h:2.4m
8m2 Billboards
Rate Card/1 Month
Parking Entrance: DZD 80 000 excl. Taxes
Prime: DZD 70 000 excl. Taxes
Gold: DZD 60 000 excl. Taxes
Rate Card/1 Year
Parking Entrance: DZD 770 000 excl.Taxes
Prime: DZD 660 000 excl.Taxes
Gold: DZD 530 000 excl.Taxes