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Pikasso Mali launches the first Supermarket Network in Mali
24 June 2021
BAMAKO  – June 24, 2021 – Pikasso Mali is pleased to inform you of the launch of the SUPERMARKET 2m2 Network, which covers the 30 most important supermarkets of the Capital Bamako.

The SUPERMARKET Network consists of 2m2 scrolling backlit displays. The poster is displayed behind a protective glass that showcases your product in a neat, regularly washed and cleaned scroller, which is an essential element for FMCG products that need to reflect hygiene and food safety.

The SUPERMARKET Network is the first OOH Channel dedicated to retail in Mali; it is ideal for any Consumer Product (FMCG) that wants to target shoppers just before the act of purchase.

The supermarket audience is a sought after one because of their purchasing power and brand-sensitive consumption habits, which differ from consumers who get their supplies from small community shops or markets.

The 2m2 Scrollers are located right next to the front door to ensure 100% coverage and visibility. Given their installation on walkways in close vicinity to the road, they also deliver an urban coverage, thus doubling their efficiency and attracting, thanks to the scrolling movement that creates an animation, the sight of passers-by to a product available at the point of sale.

Mahamadou Camara, GM of Pikasso Mali said : " The Supermarket Network completes the Media offering of Pikasso Mali, composed of 4x3, 6x3 and large formats rooftops in 18 cities and towns. With this new product, we offer advertisers an excellent exposure and visibility, closer to consumers and located in the heart of the Capital Bamako. This is an excellent opportunity to reach thousands of shoppers and initiate their purchases.”