About Us
Pikasso Mali is a leading Out-of-Home Operator with more than 428 faces covering the 18 most important cities of the country. 
Pikasso Group established itself in Mali after the acquisition of MIP Tunisia in 2016, in partnership with Impact Media Group. 

Pikasso is a leading Out-of-Home advertising company in West Africa (Mali,Senegal,Ivory Coast), North Africa (Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco) and the Caucasus (Armenia), the number one across the Levant (Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq) and has recently extended its activties to Italy. 

Pikasso places quality and innovation at the heart of its development, while remaining at the forefront of technology. Our mission is to offer brands OOH advertising solutions that deliver effective results ensuring audience engagement at prime locations, with creative opportunities.

Corporate Social Responsibility is one of the fundamental values ​​of Pikasso. We started since the early days by developing a Quality Management System. It was followed by implementing Health and Safety standards, as well as committing to a sustainable development strategy.

Pikasso Mali portfolio is composed of:

300 Billboards 4x3 and 6x3

Large Formats
50 Rooftops in Bamako
6 Rooftops in Mopti, Koutiala, Segou, Sikasso and Kayes Cities

Bamako Supermarket Network 12m2 (120x180)