Beirut Digital Avenue

Synchronized Display of 1 Loop on each of 3 Large Format Digital Screens: Zuhair Murad - Ets. Dagher - EU Embassy.

  • The 3 Large Format Digital screens are strategically located on the high volume and densely trafficked Charles Helou Avenue, which is the northern and key access route heading to Beirut Central District and Ras Beirut.
  • Simultaneous display of all 3 brands on the 3 screens, meaning that all appear at the same time for a stronger impact and full area domination.
  • Greater impact and higher recall rates.
  • Pikasso is constantly committed to delivering the highest efficiency and displays a maximum of 6 clients for 8 seconds each.

Advertisers can create dynamic and contextual campaigns:

  • Subtle motion
  • Single day
Nbre. d'Écrans
Durée du Spot
8 secondes
Durée de la Boucle
48 secondes
Nbe. de Clients
6 maximum