Mesure d'Audience
Pikasso partnered with the most reputable OOH Audience Measurement Specialists in order to give accurate data to advertisers and agencies. 

  • Partnered in 2016 
  • Specialization: Audience Measurement for LCD Totems 
  • Anonymous Face Detection Technology: Camera instanlty detects, tracks, recognizes and analyzes people in order to display the appropriate ad 

  • Partnered in 2021
  • Specialization: Audience Measurement for LED in Malls 
  • Crowd Analytics: 100% Anonymous with unmatched accuracy to measure high volume audience on large format digital screens 

  • Partnered in 2015
  • Specialization: Audience Measurement for Roadside Billboards and Screens
  • Traffic Analysis: based on a mix of satellites data, mobile data and Field Surveys (conducted by Ipsos MENA in Greater Beirut), on Pikasso RoadSide Digital Billboards & RoadSide Large Format Screens in Lebanon.