The Spot Saida
Pikasso is the exclusive advertising concessionaire of The Spot Saida.
For The Spot Saida, the contract includes the ground floor, the exteriors of the mall as well as the underground located parkings.

The Spot is an umbrella brand for a number of state of the art shopping malls located throughout Lebanon. The Spot offers a wide range of shopping, dining and entertainment outlets, bringing an exciting and dynamic experience to the customers lifestyle: from family outings to shopping sprees and from coffee breaks to hangouts with friends, The Spot Saida is the one stop destination for unlimited shopping options and entertainment.
The Spot Saida includes 27 stores of main brands and retailers, 9 coffee shops and restaurants as well as 5 movie theatres.

The Spot Saida is located at the heart of Saida, in the Dakerman area. It has a main parking access as well as two pedestrian accesses, from Nazih El Bizri boulevard and from El Barrad street. It is the perfect place to engage with an audience with high purchasing power in Saida. Saida is a city of 82,550 inhabitants, its built-up area (Abra - Helaliyeh - Haret Saida - Majdelyoun) counts 273,950 inhabitants, with a catchment area that goes from Jezzine in the east to Tyr and Nabatieh in the south and to Rmeileh up north. 

Mall advertising is one of the media planners and advertisers’ preferred type of Out-of-Home advertising, thanks to the quality of contact between their brands and the relaxed and receptive customers. Conceiving efficient and easy to use networks is Pikasso’s specialty : inside The Spot Saida, we guaranty that our networks offer maximum coverage of visitors thanks to a well balanced distribution and evenly spread sites. The message is repeated often enough around the venue to ensure recall frequency. 

Advertisers can select between a multitude of displays to billpost their campaigns inside The Spot Saida.
Pikasso’s marketing of The Spot Saida Advertising represents a breakthrough regarding audience coverage. The system of concentric circles of messages ensures that each advertising message is seen by all The Spot Saida visitors, multiple times during their visit.