Programmatic DOOH
Pikasso is the first provider of Programmatic DOOH in our Markets. 

We partnered with 2 Global SSPs (Supply Side Platform) Broadsign Reach and Pladway, to enable programmatic DOOH transactions of our Digital Screens. 

To unlock the full potential of programmatic buying we have selected some of the most reputable OOH Audience Measurement Specialists in order to make sure the platforms provide the most accurate figures and data.

Media buyers can now easily opt to incorporate Pikasso’s highly-trafficked roadside, shopping mall and transit inventory into their campaigns to expand audience reach across the Middle East, and more specifically the regions of Levant, North and West Africa, and the Caucasus.

They can execute targeted DOOH and omnichannel campaigns to regional audiences, with triggers based on real-time conditions and mobile location data.
SSP Partners
Broadsign Reach
Screens Type
Roadside Digital screens 
Mall LED 
Mall LCD