Large Format Digital Screen - Abdali Boulevard Entrance LED 1

Abdali Mall is equipped with two exterior Giant LED Screens placed on the mall skin. 

The two LED screens are at the cutting edge of technology and boast highly efficient locations covering The Boulevard entrance of the mall as well as the Southeast side on the Abdali main road. Both screens are strategically situated to ensure 100% visibility to visitors, as well as pedestrians and cars passing by.

The LED screens provide advertisers with ultimate opportunities to engage and create interactivity with their customers. 

Abdali Boulevard Entrance
Spot Length
8 seconds
Nb. of Clients
8 maximum
Loop Duration
64 seconds
Rate Card/ 1 day
JD 500 + 16% sales tax
Rate Card/ 1 week
JD 1,400 + 16% sales tax
Rate Card/ 2 weeks
JD 2,475 + 16% sales tax
Rate Card/ 3 weeks
JD 3,600 + 16% sales tax
Rate Card/ Month
JD 4,500 + 16% sales tax