Abdali Mall Channel
Abdali Mall Channel consists of 30 eye-level 70' LCD digital screens placed at high traffic areas throughout Abdali Mall.

This represents an unprecedented quantum leap forward in Digital Out-of-Home advertising since the screens deliver relevant content and contextual advertisements opportunities via interaction with Smartphones through 4 new groundbreaking innovations:
  • Facial Recognition - we’re pioneering this technology in DOOH through the installation of a camera on each Pikasso 70” digital screen.
  • Beacons - used for the first time to enhance the shopping experience, this feature delivers information, product recommendations and incentives driving visitors to the store.
  • Touch Screens - offering brands an opportunity to raise the level of customer interaction to the highest, and incorporated in each 70” digital screen.

The Abdali Mall Channel® is also supported by The Mobile Bridge through NFC and QR code technologies.

Nb. of Networks
Screen Size
70 inches
Spot Length
10 seconds
Loop Duration
60 seconds
Nb. of Clients
6 maximum
Rate Card/1 Month
JD 6,000 + 16% sales tax
Rate Card/3 Weeks
JD 4,725 + 16% sales tax
Rate Card/2 Weeks
JD 3,300 + 16% sales tax
Rate Card/1 Week
JD 1,875 + 16% sales tax
Rate Card/1 Day
JD 700 + 16% sales tax