Cosmos Atrium Domination
This space is the interior flagship of the mall, offering total dominance of the central atrium which connects all areas of passage for visitors.

At an impressive 20 m in length, these two Ribbons are installed along both sides of the central Atrium where the escalators and the elevator are located, giving access to the 1st floor of the mall.

The two Ribbons and the Elevator installed between the two floors are as visible from the ground floor as from the 1st floor, and on either side of the escalators at the atrium level and from the glass elevator.

Their large format of 20.0 x 0.8 m makes their visibility unmissable and essential.
Nbe of Faces

3: 2 Ribbons + 1 Portrait
W: 20 m x H: 0.8 m (x2)