Pikasso Iraq Wins Najaf City Mall Advertising Concession
23 August 2021

Pikasso Iraq is pleased to announce that it won the Exclusive Advertising Concession of Najaf City Mall.

Najaf City Mall is the only Shopping Center in Najaf. It is located on Al Rawan Street, in the heart of Najaf Holy City. The Mall provides visitors with a wide range of retail, dining and entertainment offering. Najaf City Mall has over 40 shops and eateries proposing everything from affordable fashion to food and coffees.

Najaf City, with a population of more than 1.4 Million inhabitants, is the center of religious pilgrimage of Iraq, attracting more than 10 Million visitors per year and is the main destination for pilgrims going to visit the Holy Cities and Shrines of Najaf Al Ashraf, Karbala, Kufa and Hillah. It is also at the center of a dynamic area of the south of Iraq.

Pikasso Iraq is deploying state-of-the-art inventory consisting of a Large Format Digital Screen in Portrait shape, located in the central atrium of the Mall along with backlits and specials wraps inside the mall. As well as impressive Large Formats on the external facades facing the traffic heading to the mall.

Pikasso Iraq offers a thorough coverage of the City as it holds the exclusive advertising concession of Al Najaf Al Ashraf International Airport, 2nd most important by the number of passengers, in addition to 10 Unipoles, 16 Rooftops and 6 Panels.

Ali Hamadé, General Manager of Pikasso Iraq said : “We are pleased to have been chosen to manage the advertising concession of Najaf City Mall for the next 10 years. This partnership will allow us to grow into the Shopping Centers Segment in Iraq by bringing Pikasso expertise in Malls Advertising to Najaf City Mall.”


Amir Mosa, Cofounder of Najaf City Mall, added:We were fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Pikasso Iraq, they’ve shown a great understanding of current regional trends in the marketing world and were able to devise a strong product mix to our potential customers. We value the newly forged partnership and we have a strong confidence in Pikasso’s team to continue its leadership role in the market.