Pikasso Iraq Joins #OurSecondChance Biggest Worldwide DOOH Campaign To Date
14 September 2020
#OurSecondChance is the biggest worldwide DOOH campaign to date developed by the World Out-of-Home Organization (WOO previously FEPE) and created by New Commercial Arts agency with the cooperation of Grand Visual.

#OurSecondChance campaign, which was launched this month, is rapidly achieving global coverage, as more than 188 OOH media companies and National Trade Associations in 52 countries signed up to support what will be the largest worldwide Digital OOH campaign.

Pikasso Iraq joined this global initiative displaying it on two rooftops in Baghdad, as well as in the other 9 countries where the Group is present. 

As WOO President Tom Goddard said “Our Second Chance reflects the new Post Covid world, in a non-partisan way and highlights the opportunity it gives citizens across the world, to consider their priorities and aspirations”.

Nicole Razzouk, Sales Director of Pikasso Iraq, said: " We are very proud to have participated to this most relevant initiative concerning the pandemic we’re going through. We selected two Rooftops from our Platinum Range which is a label that defines our prime locations, situated inBaghdad, to spread the message of this campaign, which aspire to a better tomorrow post-covid. The messages of opportunities inviting us all to keep up and improving all aspects of our daily life resonate well here, as Iraqis citizens are looking forward to a better future."