Iraq: Starts on a Positive Note
19 April 2017
The outlook for Iraq looks promising for 2017 as the first quarter of the year took off with the relaunch of numerous clients' communication in Out-of-Home.

Many brands are resurfacing the advertising scene from different sectors which include FMCG: Indomie, Home Appliances: Tosot, Finance: Al Taif Money Transfer, Accessories: Calvin Klein, Tissot, Swatch, and more. We're definitely heading more and more toward a normal life, #Lifebacktonormal. 

With Pikasso Iraq, your campaigns will shine bright at all times, whether it's day thanks to the iconic yellow bar underlining them, or night because of the illumination they provide, thus making our Rooftops highly attractive and second to none.

You'll find below some of the campaigns that ran with us in 2017: