East Mosul #LifeBackToNormal
02 May 2017
Mosul, which has been in the top news for the last three years, has witnessed a major change three months ago when the legal forces extended their authority to the eastern part of the city which combines the popular commercial district of Al Nabi Younis, the residential and commercial areas of Al Zohour and Al Muthanna among others. Shops have now reopened and business is back to normal.

This return to a normal situation has allowed us to refresh our advertising panels that are now up and standing, fully operational with the iconic yellow bar

On this occasion, we are launching the hashtag #LifeBackToNormal to celebrate life and bustle back in the streets of East Mosul where regular daily activities resumed. 

Pikasso, the number one OOH advertising company in Iraq, enables you to run your campaigns and reach the most important part of the city with our 32 Rooftops 14x4 in addition to 25 Panels 8x3, all in prime locations

Mosul is the second largest city of Iraq with a population of 1.9 Million inhabitants. It is crossed by the Tigris river that divides it into East and West.