Medina Center
Pikasso Algerie has the exclusive concession of the advertising of Medina Center, inside the gallery, in the aquapark, on the external facades and in the parking.

The concession started on July 1st, 2012 and extends over a period of 10 years and 6 month.

Medina Center receives 10 to 20.000 visitors a day on weekdays and 70 to 100.000 visitors per day on weeends.

Medina Center counts in addition to the Ardis hypermarket, 40 brands including Adidas, Samsung and Make Up Forever, a food court with 300 tables and 1.000 seats, a parking of 86.000m2 and an aquapark with pools, a jacuzzi, a play area, a fast food, an ice cream parlor, a cafeteria, an external solarium and a shop near the changing rooms.

Pikasso Algerie's specialty is to conceive effective and easy to use networks. At Medina Center, we guarantee that all our 2m2 cover 100% of the visitors thanks to the balanced and judicious allocation of the slots. We also guarantee a high repetition rate thanks to the number of faces included in each network that generate multiple contacts.

You can also select very strategic and impactful large format locations sold per unit. Advertisers can choose between a multitude of innovative mediums to display in Medina Center's gallery.