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Pikasso Jordan teaming up with Carrefour to launch the Supermarket 2m2 Network
01 November 2023

Pikasso Jordan is joining forces with Carrefour, one of Jordan's leading retail companies, to introduce the highly anticipated Carrefour Supermarket 2m2 Network, the first Out-of-Home (OOH) Channel dedicated to retail in Jordan.

This strategic partnership opens up a world of opportunities for advertisers, allowing you to engage with shoppers at a crucial moment in their consumer journey.

The Supermarket 2m2 Network consists of 2m2 scrolling backlit displays strategically positioned at the entrances of Carrefour Supermarkets & Hypermarkets. This network is ideal for Consumer Products (FMCG), advertisers seeking to capture the attention of shoppers just before their purchase decisions in addition to banks, automotive and insurance companies.

These 2m2 Scrollers guarantee 100% coverage and visibility. Moreover, with some installed along walkways close to the road ensuring urban coverage, effectively doubling their efficiency. The scrolling movement creates an eye-catching animation, captivating the attention of passers-by and directing their gaze towards products available at the point of sale.

We are pleased to share the enthusiasm of Ms. Aseel Qtaish, Country MarCom Manager and
Communication & Marketing - Carrefour Jordan
, who expressed, " "This collaboration represents an exciting milestone in our commitment to enhancing the shopping experience at Carrefour. The Supermarket 2m2 Network Carrefour is a powerful platform that will enable brands to connect with our shoppers in a dynamic and engaging manner, right at the doorstep of our stores. We are dedicated to providing value to our customers, and this innovative partnership with Pikasso Jordan allows us to do just that, by offering an exceptional and immersive shopping experience.

Rania Daniel Kildani, General Manager of Pikasso Jordan added: "I am very happy about our new partnership with Carrefour for the launch of the Supermarket 2m2 Network. This collaboration marks an extraordinary opportunity for advertisers and brands seeking to maximize their engagement with consumers. The 2m2 Scroller of the supermarket network are strategically positioned at Carrefour entrances covering shoppers at the prime moment of consideration as they make their way into the store.


It is also a great opportunity to incorporate into the Omnichannel campaigns, bridging the gap between offline and online marketing. Your brand's story will unfold from these displays to other touchpoints, creating a cohesive experience that today's consumers crave.”