The yellow iconic frames turn to pink: a visual statement of awareness & solidarity
13 October 2023

On the occasion of the Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Lau Medical Centers and Pikasso have teamed up to make a pink statement: throughout this special month, taking a bold step towards raising awareness and showing unwavering support for those affected by breast cancer by turning Billboards Pink.

We have transformed the iconic yellow frames of the billboards in pink all around Lau Medical Center-Rizk Hospital in Beirut and Lau Medical Center-Saint John’s Hospital in Jounieh as well as around the two LAU campuses in Beirut and Byblos Jbeil.
These vibrant pink billboards serve as a powerful visual reminder on the importance of early detection.

“We continue our commitment to excellence in patient care and providing the necessary awareness for our communities, comes this partnership with Pikasso to provide a mass message to women during this month so together we can fight at early stages the breast cancer” said Mr. Saad El Zein, Assistant to the President for Special Projects at LAU.

"We are happy, as Citizen Billposters, to collaborate with LAU Medical Centers on this critical initiative that reminds the immense significance of undergoing a mammogram, particularly during the month of October, dedicated to Breast Cancer Awareness. Mammograms are widely accessible throughout Lebanon, and by uniting our efforts, we aim to promote early detection and encourage women to prioritize their health.

In partnering with LAU Medical Centers, we emphasize our commitment to the well-being of our community. Together, we can make a substantial impact in the lives of countless women, offering them the opportunity for timely detection, support, and hope,” added Antonio Vincenti, CEO Pikasso.

Breast cancer remains one of the most prevalent and devastating cancers worldwide - by the end of 2020, 7.8 million women had been diagnosed with breast cancer in the previous five years (source: WHO) July 2023). In Lebanon, breast cancer accounts for 37% of cancer cases.

Together, we can make a difference by spreading awareness, supporting research and offering hope to those affected.