Iraq-Saudi Arabia Arar Border Opens For Trade, First Time Since 1990
29 November 2020
On the 18th of November 2020, the Arar Border reopened  for the first time since 1990.  

"This historic opening of the Iraqi-Saudi border is an 'investment gateway' that will strengthen economic relations after 30 years of sealed land borders between the two nation", diplomats said. 

"We are proud of our relations with our brotherly nation, Iraq cannot be separated from its Arab ties," said Qahtan Taha Khalaf, Iraqi ambassador to Saudi Arabia. 
"We are celebrating an accomplishment", Saudi ambassador Abdulaziz Al Shammari said shortly after the ceremony. 

The opening of the crossing is a significant move as it will allow resumption of vital trade and help boost the Iraqi economy in terms of:
  1. Ease of Trade: Iraq can now trade directly with Saudi Arabia and vice-versa. "We welcome all Iraqi products to be exported to Saudi Arabia, and through this border, there will be an exchange of visits between the two countries", said the Saudi Ambassador. 
  2. Transportation of goods: Iraq is a key market in terms of imports. The transportation will revive trade exchange between the two countries.
  3. Economic Prosper: Iraq signed a deal to plug into the Gulf Cooperation Council’s power grid and add up to 500 MW of electricity to its electricity sector.
  4. Creation of new jobs in Iraq: Saudi Investment could bring in a flood of new jobs in Iraq.
Iraq is the second-largest producer in the OPEC oil organisation, outranked only by Saudi Arabia. 
In March 2018, Riyadh pledged $1 Billion to Baghdad for the construction of a sports city, as well as four consulates, including one in Baghdad and three others around the country.

This historic step will broaden opportunities for economic development, trade and investment as well as improve the security and stability of the country.