Abdali Mall Channel

Gensler, an international architectural consultant headquartered in the USA, designed the LCD housings to fit the curvilinear architecture of Abdali Mall. Units are manufactured using powder-coated mild steel.

The screens represent an unprecedented quantum leap forward in Digital OOH advertising delivering relevant content and contextual advertisements via interaction with Smartphones through 4 new groundbreaking innovations:

  • Facial Recognition - Pikasso is pioneering this technology in DOOH through the installation of a camera on each 70” Digital LCD screen.
  • Beacons - used for the first time to enhance the shopping experience, this feature delivers information, product recommendations and incentives driving visitors to the store.
  • Touch Screens - offering brands an opportunity to raise the level of customer interaction to the highest, and incorporated in each 70” Digital LCD unit.
  • Live Feed – implement these through our newly installed LCD units, enabling direct and immediate interaction with visitors.

The 70” Digital LCD units are also supported by The Mobile Bridge through NFC and QR code technologies.