Spectaculars 14x4
The 7 Spectaculars Panels are located at the SAFEX roundabout, getaway to the Medina Center, and which also leads to ABC Tour and Hilton Hotel.

Their impressive 14x4m format  and their unique location ensure maximum impact.
S1: Spectacular Left
S2: Spectacular of the Middle
S3: Spectacular Right
S4: Spectacular Right bis
S5 A: Spectacular Left Medina Center Entrance
S5 Prime: Spectacular Righ Medina Center Exit
S6: Spectacular Right before the Fair roundabout
w:14.64 x h:4.27m
Rate Card/1 Year
S1: DZD 4,000,000 excluding taxes
S2: DZD 3,500,000 excluding taxes
S3: DZD 3,500,000 excluding taxes
S4: DZD 3,500,000 excluding taxes
S5 A: DZD 4,000,000 excluding taxes
S5 Prime: DZD 2,600,000 excluding taxes
S6: DZD 4,000,000 excluding taxes