External Façades
The External Façades of Medina Center are covered with 13 seperate units of large format. 9 units face the main parking and 4 cover the North dacade sea side façade.

These facades are designed for brands willing to communicate in an impressive way.

Code Location Dimension (WxH)m
FP 1/A Main Façade 14.40x3.95
FP 2/B Main Façade 14.15x3.95
FP 3/C Main Façade 14.15x3.95
FP 4/D Main Façade 14.15x3.95
FP 5/E Main Façade 13.95x3.92
FP 6/F Main Façade 14x3.95
FP 7/G Main Façade 14.15x3.95
FP 8/H Main Façade 12x4
FP 9/I Main Façade 14.15x3.95
FM 11/J Sea Façade Food Court & Aquapark 6.95x3.95
FM 12/K Sea Façade Food Court & Aquapark 6.95x3.95
FM 13/L Sea Façade Food Court & Aquapark 6.95x3.95
FM 14/M Sea Façade Food Court & Aquapark 6.40x3.95
Rate Card/1 Year
FP 1/A: DZD 1,800,000 excluding taxes
FP 2/B: DZD 2,200,000 excluding taxes
FP 3/C: DZD 2,400,000 excluding taxes
FP 4/D: DZD 2,600,000 excluding taxes
FP 5/E: DZD 2,400,000 excluding taxes
FP 6/F: DZD 2,200,000 excluding taxes
FP 7/G: DZD 2,200,000 excluding taxes
FP 8/H: DZD 1,800,000 excluding taxes
FP 9/I: DZD 3,600,000 excluding taxes
FM 11/J: DZD 1,400,000 excluding taxes
FM 12/K: DZD 1,400,000 excluding taxes
FM 13/L: DZD 1,400,000 excluding taxes
FM 14/M: DZD 1,400,000 excluding taxes