Billboards 8m2 Parking
The 68 8m2 Billboards are located on the main road leading to the parking, on the sea road and on the roundabouts near the Ardis Hypermarket.

The 8m2 Billboards offer maximum exposure since que vehicles run slowly.
Repetition is high.
All the panels are illuminated at night.
Nb. of Faces
Entrance Category: 4
Prime Category: 48
Good Category: 5
w:3.20 x h:2.40m
Rate Card/1 Month/unit
Prime Category: DZD 80,000 excluding taxes
Good Category: DZD 70,000 excluding taxes
Rate Card/1 Year/unit
Entrance Category: DZD 1,000,000 excluding taxes
Prime Category: DZD 770,000 excluding taxes
Good Category: DZD 660,000 excluding taxes