Large Format Digital Screen Food Court
The LED full motion Large Format Digital Screen is located at the heart of the mall, under the glass dome.

It is visible from many floors and from the escalators, which allows brands to enjoy a long exposure.

The ability to adapt the message at any time of the day, depending on the day of the week, the weather, or with several visuals, gives the brand a contextual advantage.

The animations allow the brand to be perceived creatively  in order to capture the attention of the clients.

You can broadcast a static image, an animated image, or a full motion video.
2nd Floor
Nb. of screens
w:14 x h:2.9m
Duration of the spot
10 seconds
Nbr. of clients
8 maximum
Duration of the loop
80 seconds
Rate Card/1 Day
DZD 30.000 excluding taxes
Rate Card/1 Week
DZD 150.000 excluding taxes
Rate Card/2 Weeks
DZD 290.000 excluding taxes
Rate Card/1 Month
DZD 500.000 excluding taxes
Rate Card/1 Year
DZD 4.000.000 excluding taxes