Lawhat Algérie Rebrands Into Pikasso Algérie
17 December 2019

Lawhat Algeria is pleased to inform you of the rebranding of the company which changes its name and becomes from the 8 of December Pikasso Algeria.

This rebranding is carried out in order to unify the brand of the group under a single name: Pikasso, by abandoning the second brand, Lawhat, used in some countries so far.

The commercial register number remains unchanged, as do the shareholders and management. The logo of the billposter with the letter P is also unchanged.

To reflect this new identity, we are carrying out a large-scale 
rebranding that mobilizes all the teams:
- Rebranding of the 8m
panels, the Unipoles and LED & LCD screens by affixing the new logo
- Social Meda: change of usernames on 
instagram and facebook @pikassoalgerie
- Update of the website

- New email addresses: pikasso.com

- Vehicle fleet rebranding

This change of name brings consistency which 
strengthens Pikasso's position and reputation as a Group.


Antonio Vincenti, Chairman and CEO of the Group Pikasso declared: "With this rebranding, all the countries in which Pikasso is present now bare the same name. This rebranding is the signal of an alignment on a single brand in the Levant, North Africa, West Africa and the Caucasus."

Madjid Aït Said, General Manager of Pikasso Algeria announced: "This new identity unifies under one name our position as the main player in Out-of-Home Advertising in North Africa since Pikasso is the only OOH group to have a presence in Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco."

Djalila Bouzegzi Mahnane, Sales Director of Pikasso Algeria said: "Pikasso, our new name, will certainly shine stronger. A renewal accompanied by new concessions in 2020, always in the same spirit of innovation, avant-garde and unparalleled customer service."