Giant Digital Screen Atrium

A Giant Digital Screen of a spectacular format allows you to explode your creativity. 

Located in the main atrium, visible from the three levels, this screen has a unique shape.

You can benefit from all the flexibility it offers: change of message, full motion video, static visuals, interaction with the screen, event creation and special promotions.

Entrance Hall, Central Stairway
Screen Size

Strip: w:25.7 x h:1.54m
Portrait Screen: w:3.07 x h:5.38m

Spot Length
10 seconds
Nb. of Clients
8 maximum
Loop Duration
80 seconds
6mm pitch
Rate Card/1 Day
DZD 22 000 excl. Taxes
Rate Card/1 Week
DZD 105 000 excl. Taxes
Rate Card/2 Weeks
DZD 210 000 excl. Taxes
Rate Card/1 Month
DZD 350 000 excl Taxes
Rate Card/1 Year
DZD 3 850 000 excl. Taxes