Launching the Classic Large Format Network
02 April 2019
Pikasso launches for the first time a new Classic Large Format Network composed of 18 Unipoles and Rooftops, which main advantage is to offer a comprehensive coverage of the main axis of Greater Beirut and Mount Lebanon, at a very affordable price.

This new Classic Large Format Network, thanks to its 18 Unipoles and Rooftops, is ideal to be the foundation block of a Large Format campaign, which can be complemented either by some other hand-picked locations, or by a Classic 4x3 network, or a Digital 4x3 network.

Since Classic is now more flexible, you can book your Classic Large Format Network either for 1 month or for 2 weeks with a departure date either on the 1st or the 15th of each month.

Coverage of the Classic Large Format Network:
 • Beirut City
 • Highways: from Quarantaine to Jbeil, from Batroun to Tripoli, from Khaldeh to Jiyeh
 • Airport Road
 • Damascus Road: from Hazmieh to Dahr el Baidar