ABC Verdun Channel is Now Live
27 September 2017
Pikasso has the pleasure to announce the launch of its digital platform at ABC Verdun: the ABC Verdun Channel.

ABC Verdun Channel consists of seventeen 75” LCD screens implanted on all levels of the mall inside the shopping gallery, in the main alleys facing escalators or next to elevators, thus ensuring an optimal coverage for your campaign.

These screens have a bespoke design characterized by oyster white housing that blends in smoothly with the high-end environment of this mall. 

ABC Verdun Channel is an opportunity for advertisers to get creative with their campaigns and engage shoppers through the use of the technology it offers: 
- A camera for facial recognition that detects any subject's age, gender, height and mood. Brands can tailor their messages to reach the right audience at the right time. 
- The mTag for the Mobile Bridge allows you to connect with shoppers through a simple tap or scan of their smartphones and share information about your service or product. 
- One Touchscreen  per floor with enough space for animation in front of it.