Pikasso Installs 1 New Rooftop in Zouk Mikhael and 2 New Unipoles in Reifoun and Hammana
12 December 2017
Pikasso has added a new Rooftop on the main highway of Zouk Mikhael, just before the exit, leading towards the shopping and leisure area of Kaslik

This new double-sided Rooftop facing Zoughaib & Sons, is strategically located, because it overlooks the highway, and is visible both on the way to Jounieh, as well as on the way back to Beirut, in addition to the busy Adonis - Zouk parallel road.

Pikasso has also installed 2 new Unipoles in Reifoun and Hammana, which brings our total unipole faces to 104. 

U65 is located in the heart of Reifoun, which is an all year-long residential area, in one of the most vibrant parts of the Middle Kesrouan built up area, among Jeita, Sehaile, Ballouneh, Ajaltoun and Achkout. Renowned for its nightlife and restaurants, Reifoun is also on the road leading to the sought after Lebanese restaurants in Kleyate and Roumiyyé, and on the way leading up to Faqra, Faraya and Kfarzebian, of course.

The Damascus Road is one of the busiest road axes of Lebanon and is the gateway to the Bekaa region. U66 is strategically positioned on a highway that is constantly used by drivers going back and forth from and to Mount Lebanon and Beirut.