About Us

Pikasso is the leading Out-of-Home advertising company in Lebanon. Established in Beirut in 1986, it remains at the center of a group that has grown to become the foremost in its industry across the Levant and North Africa, and is today the premier OOH operator in Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq and Algeria. The group recently established in Tunisia and Mali.

With more than 4,100 advertising faces, 50 digital screens and 38 exclusive concessions throughout Lebanon, Pikasso places quality and innovation at the heart of our development with a single aim: to constantly meet our clients’ needs. 

Through the innovative use of a comprehensive range of products and formats including Billboards, Large Format, Digital, Malls and Transport and Targeted advertising, our focus is on ensuring audience engagement at prime locations; maintaining our status as a fully integrated Out-of-Home provider; to deliver our advertisers creative opportunities and remaining at the forefront of technology. 

We’re creating advertising solutions that produce effective results. Our team of 104 highly qualified professionals, plus our widespread OOH network, are the keys to showcasing your company in the most compelling way.


4x3 Networks
2,600 faces covering Lebanon’s built-up areas and arranged in networks focusing on: Coverage®, Frequency®, Prestige®, Targeted® and Isochronic® ranges. 

Large Format

50 Rooftops located on the most strategic roofs along the highway between Beirut and Jbeil, in addition to Rabieh, Mtaileb, Faqra and Saida.

2 Walls located on Dbayeh highway, and The Spot Choueifat.

101 outstanding 14x4m faces located alongside the highway.

Iconic 675m2 Supersize Wall located on the highway exiting Beirut towards Jounieh.

Malls Advertising

7 exclusive concessions across Lebanon: ABC Achrafieh, ABC Verdun, CITYMALL, The Spot Choueifat, The Spot Saida, The Spot Nabatieh and Cascada Mall.


Exclusive advertising concession of LLC buses covering the streets of Beirut and Mount Lebanon.

Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH)

Canal 8® Network
19 Large Format LED Screens located in Beirut City and alongside the highway between Forum de Beyrouth and Jounieh. The screens boast an extra large format to make sure your message is seen by all. They display a maximum of 6 clients, 8 seconds each.
Beirut Digital Constellation® 
Beirut Digital Constellation®, Beirut Digital Constellation® 2 and 3 are three networks of fifteen digital screens each that comprehensively cover all districts and main streets of the Capital. The screens display a maximum of 6 clients, 8 seconds each.

Beirut Digital Avenue
Consists of three consecutive LED screens on Charles Helou Avenue that can be used to create special digital campaigns with a staggering effect.

Malls Channel
Composed of 44 75-inch LCD screens with ultimate engaging technologies at ABC Verdun, CITYMALL and The Spot Choueifat. The screens display a maximum of 6 clients, 10 seconds each.

The Mobile Bridge
An interactive mobile service, enabling brands to extend their communication and to connect with their consumers within Mall's environment through NFC (Near Field Communication) and QR code technologies. Pikasso signed a partnership with Blue Bite, the American leading mobile-marketing solutions provider.


8 exclusive concessions, offering a total of 51 faces, in the most stylish gyms in Lebanon.

14 exclusive advertising concessions, offering 84 faces, around the most glamorous beaches of Lebanon.

Leisure with an Exclusive concession at the Téléférique.