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Pikasso Iraq Wins Magma Square Advertising Concession
26 March 2019
Pikasso Iraq announces that it has won the advertising concession of Magma Square, the vibrant, social, and entertainment open-air destination in Sulaimaniya, part of Malia Group, which will open its doors in May 2019.

Magma Square is strategically positioned at the entrance of Sulaimaniya on the Erbil-Sulaimaniya highway, 2 kilometers away from Sulaimaniya International Airport in a catchment area serving two university campuses, the University of Sulaimani and the American University of Iraq Sulaimani, as well as a trade zone of 1.4 million inhabitants

Magma Square is designed to offer an outdoor atmosphere and its 20,000m2, of which 17,500 are leasable, are laid out over 4 interconnected floors. The complex will be home to a wide selection of retail shops for convenience and services, restaurants, coffee shops and pubs, a health and beauty center, a kids entertainment area, as well as a large 8-screen movie theatre and a supermarket. Visitors will also benefit from a 580-space car park.

Ali Hamadeh, General Manager of Pikasso Iraq, said: "We are very pleased to have been chosen by Malia Group for the advertising concession of Magma Square. This will allow us to launch Malls Advertising for the first time in Iraq and will give advertisers a new opportunity to reach a high local purchasing power audience.” 

Thomas Touma, General Manager of Magmaline, said: “At Magma Square Sulaimani, we are equally delighted to have Pikasso Iraq part of this iconic project and looking forward to setting together remarkable success.” 

As part of this contract, Pikasso will deploy a comprehensive range of products inside Magma Square: a 2m2 Scoller Network and Large Format Backlits, as well as Specials such as the vinyl branding on the entrance doors, windows, escalators and elevator doors.
Furthermore, advertisers will find an imposing LED screen located in the key central area of Magma Square, the Main Piazza, an impressive Rooftop overlooking the Erbil-Sulaimaniya highway, as well as the popular Overhead located at the entrance of the car park.